Founded in 2019 - Hestia Everyday Living is a producer of fine table objects.

Our collection of trays, table mats and coasters are statements for the table and home, imbued with an artistic and worldly sensibility. The name Hestia references the goddess of the hearth putting the idea of home, family and the cultivation of a personal design aesthetic at the heart of the company’s mission.

Our Inspiration

Entertaining is an art and the objects placed on the dining table add depth and enhancing the experience shared with family and friends. We craft the backdrop for the table one would find at a dinner party in East Hampton, a late summer lunch in the south of France, or a long breakfast while yachting along the Italian coast.

Our aesthetics are inspired by art, travel and our cherished values - family, friends, and a love of entertaining.

Our Craftsmanship

Hestia is pleased to offer the look of their delicate straw marquetry in trays, tablemats and coasters that can withstand daily use.

The inspiration for the Hestia Everyday line comes from designs developed through our Hestia Living collaboration with Ateliers Lison de Caunes.  The Hestia Everyday trays are hand crafted in France and our tablemats and coasters are handcrafted in England from digital reproductions of actual straw marquetry.

A commitment to quality and excellence above all else is central to Hestia's collection.